Visi : 

“Indoglobit as the major hub between Indonesian ICT players and global market opportunity”

Misi : 

  • to provide our member companies with reliable information on developments and business opportunities in relevant international ICT sales markets.
  • to promote the free exchange of know-how between member companies active in the international arena.
  • to assist our members in their search for business partnerships by furnishing a network of potential international partners in targeted markets.
  • to represent the policy interests of our members vis-à-vis international organizations
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Networking & Contacts
  • Service & Information

Tujuan INDOGLOBIT adalah sebagai wadah berhimpun dan penghubung antara para Pelaku Bisnis, Profesional, Akademisi, dan Pemangku Kepentingan Industri IT lainnya di Indonesia dengan dunia global.

Under Contruction

  • Partisipasi CeBIT 2014, sebanyak 20 perusahaan
  • Partisipasi CeBIT 2015, sebanyak 50 perusahaan
  • Partisipasi CeBIT 2016, Indonesia sebagai Country Partner
  • Business Gathering 4 bulanan, pembicara tamu.