Promoting Mutual Cooperation in Digital Business between Indonesia and Europe

Indonesia is a big country with big opportunities. With a stable GDP growth during the last 10 years at 6%,  and being the 4th biggest population in the world, Indonesia offers a lot of business opportunities almost in every sectors including ICT.
According to IDC, total ICT spending in Indonesia amounting USD 16.8 billion in 2014. This is 12.5% increase from 2013, and will continuously be growing following the stable economic and political development in the country. Business Monitor International, another market intelligence agency, even predicted a higher ICT spending in the country for 2014 onward. The top 3 spenders were Media and Communication sector; Banking, Finance and Insurance; and Manufacturing.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the demand in the country can not be fulfilled by the domestic business playes alone. The biggest handicap that domestic players are facing right now are the lack of (new) technology and the lack of funding. These are the biggest weaknesses and challenges that domestic business players are facing. On the other hand, Indonesia offers a huge potential with the availability of talented people especially in the ICT sector. Almost 50 thousands ICT engineers graduated from thousands of universities annually. So if we are talking about SWOT analysis about ICT sector in Indonesia, we can conlude that Indonesia offers a lot of business opportunities, but at the same time they are experiencing a serious challenges in lacking of (new) technology and funding. But from the positive views, Indonesia offers a lot of talented software engineers in the ICT sector.
By doing the same analysis, we will see an interesting figure in Europe. The weaknesses of Indonesia are actually even the strengths of European ICT companies, because Europe are strong in offering new technologies almost in every sector of ICT. They are also strong in funding. On the other hand, ICT market in Europe is almost saturated that made difficult for them to grow. At the same time, ICT companies in Europe are also experiencing difficult situation whereby the number of software engineers in the region is continuously shrinking.
In short, the strengths of Indonesia are the weaknesses of Europe, on the other hand the weaknesses of Indonesia are the strengths of Europe. This creates a perfect fits for Indonesian ICT companies to work together with their partners from Europe. Collaboration between ICT companies from Indonesia and Europe will create a synergy and yet a win-win collaboration  to exploit the market together. Each parties can leverage their strengths to overcome weaknesses of their partners. This is a strong foundation for a long term and sustainable business cooperations.
Considering all those factors, Indoglobit as an ICT association of Indonesian companies seeking international business cooperation, is promoting mutual cooperation especially in digital business between Indonesia and Europe. This is the time for us to develop mutual cooperation for both of us benefits.